Teagan White

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Teagan White is one of those illustrators who just gets it right. Her work is well considered, both in colour and detail and the construction is immaculate. Almost always focussing on the natural world, she strikes a balance between traditionally beautify imagery and decay or violence. It’s a difficult thing making something look so effortless but she certainly knows how to do it.

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Creating something by hand, digitising it and working on it some more is a very liberating way to produce art. It gives you a freedom you don’t have when you’re putting down ink or paint for the first and final time, you have the ability to delete, subdue and tweak absolutely anything about your work. It’s interesting to see how Teagan works between processes – you can see below how the original illustration started in black and white and was painted with an overlay or screen in Photoshop to produce the final piece.



Other pieces will be completed by hand entirely, removing any crutches permitted by Photoshop – like this beautiful and slightly unsettling illustration, which was painted with Gouash and watercolour.

harborsandgambits2 harborsandgambits3


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