Playing with Gravity – Cinta Vidal

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Spanish artist Cinta Vidal Agulló is playing with gravity in these Escheresque biomes of everyday objects and activities.

Drawing since she was a child and going on to study at the ‘Escola Massana’ municipal art centre in Barcelona, Cinta now works primarily as a scenography and backdrop painter. On top of this Cinta has a great portfolio of personal work, highlighting a diverse range of talents, from simple illustrative work to the more rendered pieces (featured inset) more akin to those found in a fine art gallery.   

This series of paintings, titled ‘Gravitant’, express the idea that within each of us lies a differing recognition and experience of the everyday life within which we exist. The vast conglomerates of subjects fit together within the paintings, but not always easily, further highlighting the difficulty we sometimes feel with ordering and understanding our lives, ambitions, relationships, dreams and so on.

1427794193_Vacaciones-Cintapinta.jpg.standard865 1427794197_PuebloBola-Cintapinta.jpg.standard865 1427794201_Mudanza-escaneado-Cintapinta.jpg.standard865 1428672111_Cupula-Cintapinta.jpg.standard865 1428672116_Escales2-Cintapinta.jpg.standard865 1428672385_Mudana4-Cintapinta.jpg.standard865 1428673007_Mudana5-Cintapinta.jpg.standard865 1430772282_ROCAJAPONESAf.jpg.standard865

Aside from the deeper meaning they’re just great to look at. Interactive (the pieces are flipped within the exhibition space periodically to offer new insights into each image), impressive works of perspective and lighting that showcase a great technical ability and imagination.

1430772287_Sketches.jpg.standard865 1430772291_IMG_1938.jpg.standard865

To see more of Cinta’s work, check out her personal website HERE.   



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