Old-school Armani

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Sure, computer-aided design has come on in leaps and bounds these last few years but many creatives still prefer the use of pen and paper to sketch out the initial idea. Whether it’s the nostalgia of doing something the old-fashioned way, or the tactile appeal of physical materials, there will always be champions for hand drawing.

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Take Giorgio Armani, for instance. With over 40 years in the business, the permatanned fashion designer maintains that he is still “very loyal to my roots that come from pure design – a pencil and a sketchbook. But of course where necessary, I rely on the latest and most modern technologies.”


Despite the lack of formal training in drawing, over the years Armani has mastered the art of fashion illustration. When he first started out, it was quite common for him to sketch on a black background – sometimes even directly onto fabric – with sample textiles pinned and instructions written on top. It’s fascinating to see how over time, his technique has changed and become less busy. Yet, for all that it’s evolved, it’s also remained the same: starting each season with a blank sheet of paper and an assortment of pens, pencils and crayons.


For those keen to explore the archives first-hand, the Armani/Silos museum is opening soon in Milan. Needless to say, the logo features a sketch by the man himself. Armani once said, “I believe that the hand of a human being is very different from the key on a computer.” Whether he meant it figuratively or literally, we couldn’t agree more.

Images Courtesy of Giorgio Armani



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