Not all Pit bulls are Dangerous…

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There’s a common misconception about Pit bull terriers.  Many people think that they’re all dangerous and therefore aren’t considered as a pet.  Okay, so some can be dangerous (mostly because of how poorly they’ve been brought up), but I’ve met many lovely ‘dangerous breeds’.

Sadly, in the United States, some 1.2 million dogs are put down each year and Pit bull Terriers normally appear at the top of that list.  Photographer Sophie Gamand has been trying to tackle the misconception of these breeds through her on-going project ‘Flower Power: Pit bulls of the Revolution’.  She has been visiting animal shelters across the US and photographing many pitbulls with crowns made of beautiful flowers to reflect a softer side of this breed.

From the 150 pit bulls that Sophie has photographed, 114 of them have been successfully re-homed.  If you’re living in the US and think you could provide the perfect home for one of these lovely dogs then Sophie keeps her list up to date on her website with dogs that have been successfully adopted and ones that are still waiting for your loving home.

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