Glitter is the Enemy

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Glitter, the so called ‘herpes of the craft world’, is impossible to get rid of. Whether you’ve tried to clean it up after Christmas or you just used it once as a child and are still finding unexplained shiny morsels on your clothes, you probably know the inescapable wonderful terror that is glitter. 

And if you like this sparkly menace then might have seen the latest crazy but brilliant start-up idea – a company that ships your enemies glitter. Australian website Ship Your Enemies Glitter gives you the chance to post your arch nemesis (or maybe your friend) this horrible shimmering plague. The website bears the tagline “want to piss off someone you hate for only $9.99? Let us send them some stupid fucking glitter.”

The site, which was just built as a joke, has gone viral, getting more than 2.4 million hits in just 4 days and making $20,000+. Founder Matthew Carpenter though is not best pleased and has well and truly had enough of the sparkly stuff. He is now selling his company on Flippa, commenting, “Please stop buying this horrible glitter product.”  You can see the listing HERE. Although the bidding started at just $1, it has already skyrocketed to $70,000 and had more than 300 bids. 

Why not take a look at this glorious website,

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