Colourful Paper Quilling – Sena Runa

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I always appreciate the time and patience it takes people to make paper art that’s actually eye catching. Here’s another lovely look at a prime example. Simple shapes combined with fun colour palettes and a great sense of movement make these little paper quills a very pretty sight to behold. 

Istanbul born artist, Sena Runa, has been practicing her quilling since 2012 after feeling the need to get involved in a new hobby (origami wasn’t working out) and has since left her full time job as a HR specialist to continue making her alternative art for a living. Quilling, aka paper filigree, involves rolling strips of paper into coils or scrolls, followed by a whole lot of pinching, squeezing, gluing and arranging until you’ve produced the intended design, or in my case, unnecessarily tortured the last vestiges of some poor old tree.

To see more of Sena’s work you can check out her Instagram, Facebook or Etsy pages. If you’d like to learn more about the artist herself then do take a look at her website









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