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The cardboard box has always had a sort of magical quality. When we were kids it signified endless possibility. It could be anything from a washing machine to a rocket in just a few seconds. And as adults, it has a different significance. It is a sign of a life change; it is symbolic of moving house, of childhoods packed up into the loft. And occasionally, very occasionally, it is the origin of an internet meme. 

Guagua the cat and his Chinese-based owner, toshiya86 have taken the internet by storm with their quirky, anime cardboard fancy dress. And who wouldn’t be enamoured with this combination of awesomes: the perfect blend of boxes and kittens! Whether dressed as Mario, an astronaut or the little mermaid, this little moggie is 100% unaware of how awesome he looks in his hand-drawn box outfits. 

Why not give your cat the chance to fulfil his potential with just a box and a Sharpie

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