Zoom: Social Planes

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You are sitting alone on the grass when a paper plane glides onto the ground next to you. It bears a kind message from a stranger. You smile, and look around to see where it came from. 

We love projects which connect people, and nothing does that better than something simple and relatable like a paper plane.

You remember folding them into existence from a leaf of paper as a kid.  You’re a grown up now, but you wonder if your fingers will still remember how to make something with just a few folds. You look away from your smartphone for just a second. 

With a tech-society lesson in tow, these paper plane designs really fly into our hearts.

Bearing the ulterior motive of getting you off your smartphone, these lovely paper traveling devices were created by the fab folks at Social Planes, and could help you better connect with others (‘Because we don’t always need phones’).

Just print a design, scrawl a note, fold along the lines and then fly to its recipient! With a quadruplet of designs available for download, these little airborne delights are a great rebellion against our tech-obsessed culture. They’re also a beautiful community art project in their own right.

You can find out more about Social Planes on their website socialplanes.org.

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