Wandering through a Fairytale

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This is the kind of photography that makes me want to pick up a camera…then swiftly put it down again and ponder my ineptitude. 

Inspired by the Fairytales of the Brother’s Grimm, this gorgeous photography is straight from a fable and belongs to the incredibly talented Kilian Schönberger of Cologne, Germany. 

The photographer does an amazing job capturing the scale, mood and the impalpable sense of unreality in his chosen locations. Finding landscapes, objects and architecture straight out of a fairytale is, admittedly, likely to be easier when you reside a few hundred miles from one of the the most Fairytale castles ever to exist, Neuschwanstein (see Disney’s Cinderella), but Kilian has been putting in the miles for a long time, as an earlier 2013 project shows.






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I hope you enjoy the work as much as I do, my personal favourites being the bridge in the main image and the above photo from his earlier 2013 project (spooky). 

See all of Kilian’s work HERE.

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