Urban Treehouse

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The ultimate treehouse, this five-story steel building in Turin, Italy, brings nature to the inner city.

Created by Luciano Pio, the project, named 25 Verde helps fight pollution, with the 150 trees absorbing some of the excess CO2 created by the urban traffic – 200,000 litres an hour to be exact.

The perfect compromise between function and beauty, this beautiful high-sky garden has a fairytale-like feel. The structure also helps cushion noise, absorbing some of the negative impact of city life.

This building feels a little like a green playground. With pots, metal branches and wooden shingles forming the structure, it’s also more beautiful than your standard concrete jungle. The haphazard exterior of this building just adds to its natural appeal, turning it into a sort of work of art.

The structure also adapts to the seasons with the plants giving shade from the summer sun and acting like insulation on cold winter nights.

On his website the architect comments: “It is a special building because it is alive: it grows up, it breaths and it changes since 150 trees with tall trunks cover its terraces.”

The best thing about this unusual but beautiful structure is that you can actually live there. There are 63 residential units, so you can finally have your childhood dream of living in a treehouse, with all the comforts of city life.

You can find out more about this from www.lucianopia.it.


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