Unworldly Objects – Steve Axford Photography

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With a keen interest in ecology and a deep respect for the complexity of the world, photographer Steve Axford lives his life exactly the way he likes, documenting life’s machinations in spectacular ‘all things great and small’ fashion.

From fungi to volcanoes (with the odd human intrigue story for seasoning), Steve’s catalogue of photography is truly amazing, you could while away the hours poring over the detail in his photographs. Steve’s passion runs deep, he’s a keen cultivator of nature himself and is also interested in providing an at least somewhat scientific benefit with his work (particularly in the realm of fungi). Whether it’s the cascading group of clustered caps or the solitary sky blue ‘Entoloma’, these otherworldly examples of fungi make me reconsider my notions of beauty.














All Steve’s work is categorised handily and it’s a joy to scroll through, got a penchant for purple? He’s got an entire gallery for that… so go and check out his flickr and SmugMug profiles, you wont regret it.  




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