Tuomas Markunpoika’s Pencil Vases

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The humble pencil has achieved so much. From helping famous novelists pen their first books, to being the starting point of some of the world’s most famous buildings, and even making the first scribble of ground breaking maths equations.

These vases, made from pencils by Tuomas Markunpoika, as part of the project ‘Amalgamated’, completely take our breath away.

These tactile, beautiful creations are formed by gluing the pencils together, making the most of their hexagonal shape, and then using a lathe to create the finished product. The final result is a bit like a sort of physical love letter to the pencil itself.

The project is an exploration of the tool becoming the building material and on his website Markunpoika comments:

“Pencils are utilized when giving form to our thoughts, illustrating our wishes and ideas. They are inseparably fused with craft and arts, representing diverse relationships between artist and their creations. Pencils are extensions of our minds which enable us to transmit information through different mediums and time, collecting knowledge and creating it. “Amalgamated” is a collection which explores the relationship of a mass produced ‘tool’ and its individual purpose.”.

You can see more work by Markunpoika on his website here: www.markunpoika.com.

This isn’t the first time we’ve drooled over an artistic project making the most of pencils, and a while ago we fell in love with colouring pencils being turned ito rings. You can read more about this HERE.

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