Treats on the Thames

By / May 1st, 2015 /

If you’re out and about in London and you happen to be strolling the Thames, be sure to look out for these amazing pieces by Gonzalo Borondo. With an impressive gallery of interior and exterior pieces it’s clear to see that despite his fine art stylings Gonzalo is most at home with the type of canvas normally reserved for street artists.

Influenced initially by his father, a restoration artist in Segovia, Spain, Gonzalo went on to find a love for street art and ended up moving to Madrid in order to feed his passion. It wasn’t until a bit later (later is is a relative term for someone so young) he discovered the pleasure and the intricacies of fine art, and thus the studies of the old masters began.

After indeterminate periods of study at Madrid and Rome Academies of Fine Art, Gonzalo decides to go it alone and at just 18 completes his first art festival. Ever since, he’s been working wherever his heart lies and you’ll find his work in cities throughout Europe. 

The first featured piece is titled ‘Narcisus’ and it’s a powerful reflected portrait piece perfectly placed between two bridges, so the first thing that’s apparent as you walk the path of the opposite bank the reflected portrait staring up at you from the rippling Thames. It’s great to see the initial sketches and what I can only assume are the inverted painting practice pieces turn into the amazing final result.


Secondly is ‘Ophelia’, a girl . Painted on the roof of a boat it’s only visible from above, so is likely to be a delightful, though slightly eerie, surprise for anyone glancing off the bridge as they cross over the river.



For more of Gonzalo’s work, and the short video for ‘Narcisus’, check out it his website. Otherwise you can get out and about in Europe and check it out in person.

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