Traffic Night Lights

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I’m guessing that the vast majority of us wouldn’t have ever seen traffic lights as a thing of beauty.  I know for me, seeing more and more traffic lights appear around roundabouts that worked perfectly well before, leans me towards a strong dislike for them.  But Lucas Zimmerman has captured some traffic lights at their glorious best near Weimar, Germany.  Lucas set his camera up on a foggy night  and begun taking 5-20 second long exposure shots to capture these beautiful images.

By taking the photographs into photoshop, Lucas adjusted the ‘temperature’ to enhance the pictures even more.  The results became a series of images entitled ‘Traffic Lights’.


Capture traffic-lights-in-the-fog-long-exposure-by-lucas-zimmerman-2 traffic-lights-in-the-fog-long-exposure-by-lucas-zimmerman-3 traffic-lights-in-the-fog-long-exposure-by-lucas-zimmerman-4 traffic-lights-in-the-fog-long-exposure-by-lucas-zimmerman-5

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