Todays weather: Rain

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Peregrine Church creates invisible street art on a dry day, but when it rains it magically appears to brighten up the days of anyone passing by.  His self-titled ‘rainworks‘ is created using a product called Always Dry which protects surfaces from getting wet.

Each piece of work will last for approximately 4 to 12 months depending on the amount of foot traffic.  So if you’re ever in Seattle, be sure to check out this map and pray for a raining day.

sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-6 sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-10 sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-1 sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-8 sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-14 sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-12 sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-15  sidewalk-art-only-appears-when-it-rains-peregrine-church-rainworks-13


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