Tiny Photos from 4026 Folsom

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It all began with the discovery of my family history in the old dresser that belonged to my great-grandma. Drawer after drawer was an endless sea of aged photos. It started me on a permanent treasure hunt for all my existing, tangible family history. Not only am I trying to piece everything together and preserve the photos, I’m interacting with them to create something new.

These are the “Tiny Photos”. The tiniest photos of the collection are paired with other tiny things to emphasize just how, well, tiny they are! Everything you see here fits in the palm of your hand.

image image  image  image image

image image

image image image

“4026 Folsom” is a collection of photos, slides, telegrams, and letters spanning over 100 years from one family in St. Louis. The name of the project is dedicated to the home where three generations of the family grew up. Emily Kozlowski is part archivist, part artist. To follow this project and all of her other creative pursuits, find her HERE.

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