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Appliance must be earthed


Tim Fishlock (aka Oddly Head) is the artist responsible for this cunning collective of autocritical collage. Titled ‘This place must be earth’, the body of work offers a lugubrious look at modern society. I feel like the messages are somewhat well accepted by most people and the biggest shock here is perhaps the fact that Tim has managed to make such pretty and powerful pieces of collage from what essentially is the detritus of humanity, so…that’s a positive amongst all these negatives right?

The first 3 pieces, titled Hollywood I/II/III respectively, showcase a kind of holy trinity of tired Hollywood tropes in extraordinary detail. 







Hollywood‘ – referencing the gunslinger, or more broadly gunfights in general (not to mention those phony silencers). 

Hollywood pt II



Hollywood II – The damsel in distress, though this one seems at least a little less pervasive than it once was.


Hollywood pt III




Hollywood III – Explosions, and of course narrowly avoiding them by whatever means necessary (be it pedestrian or vehicular).

Next up we have ‘Licked’ which is, again, an amazingly intricate and beautiful piece that serves as an exploration of our tendency to treat all things living as objects for our consumption. 



…and lastly in today’s somewhat melancholy offering, we have the title piece of the collection, ‘THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED‘, whose name and contents both draw attention to the ever increasing wastage of white goods and their smaller commodity cousins by humankind.


Appliance must be earth



As interesting to look at as it is to interpret much of Tim’s collage has distinct 1950’s elements (the 50’s being a golden age of consumer goods and western cinema) which serve to enhance the inherent messages all the more.     

To view Tim’s full portfolio and browse many limited edition prints for sale check out Oddly Head HERE. 





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