The miniature world of Vincent Bousserez

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Okay, so we’ve all seen miniature worlds created before.  But Vincent Bousserez has added a bit more flare to his images… with the occasional nipple or sinister element thrown in.

Vincent, who lives and works in Paris, was born in 1973 and began photography these ‘Plastic Life’ scenarios simply for his own entertainment.  But he soon started to pick up strong attention from various galleries across Europe.  Vincent is dedicated to his art, if you randomly stopped him in the street and asked him to empty his bags and pockets you’d probably find a collection of miniature people as he likes to ensure he can create a scene as and when the opportunity allows.


Plastic_Life02 Plastic_Life04 Plastic_Life05 Plastic_Life07 Plastic_Life08 Plastic_Life09 Plastic_Life10 Plastic_Life13 Plastic_Life17 Plastic_Life20 Plastic_Life21 Plastic_Life22 Plastic_Life24 Plastic_Life26 Plastic_Life28 Plastic_Life27 Plastic_Life29 Plastic_Life30 Plastic_Life31

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