The Daily Life of Gods

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If you’ve ever looked in envious awe at the refinement of those milk skinned characters of Renaissance and Neoclassicist art, now you can appreciate them in a new light, thanks to Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov.

In his project, The Daily Life of Gods, Alexey has forced some ancient subjects into a contemporary setting, superimposing some of the most recognisable classic figures onto urban landscapes.

In a reworked version of Bouguereau’s Song of the Angels, an exhausted looking Virgin Mary clutches a chubby baby Jesus on an underground train, as her space is invaded by busking violin-playing angels. Meanwhile, Luca Cambiasi’s Venus and Adonis now tells a tale of child neglect and parental debauchery on the bench of a train platform.

Warning: A trip to the Tate Britain might never look the same again.

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