Tee Party Competition

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It’s time for our next competition! Have you always wanted your work produced as T-shirts? Well here’s your chance. 3 winning entries will be printed and the artists will receive 25% of the profit.

We welcome work from a range of
disciplines: Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Photographers alike.

It feels like summer is knocking on our doors and we’d like you to produce
something you’d want to wear this summer.

The 3 Winners will have their work produced as male and female tees. They will be sold in Ohh Deer’s stockists and online store. The artwork remains the property of the artist, but can only be used in their portfolio until that point when Ohh Deer no longer produces the item.

Deadline: 1st of May (the end of the day)
Artwork Size: Max 32cm x 43cm 300dpi
Colours: Because they’re screen printed, there is a max of 3 colours preferably less, ensure that you files have a layer per colour, multiple colour tees cannot be produced from a flat image.

File Types: You won’t be asked for the final artwork initially, just the templated image which should be a JPEG or a PNG and 795px x 530px winners will be asked to provide a layered PDF. 

Work submitted earlier than the deadline will be uploaded onto the competition section so people can see it, like it, retweet it etc. We will take the popularity into consideration, but ultimately we will select work that we think best fits the brand. The winners will be selected shortly after the deadline.

 Please submit your work on one of our templates, any work sent in an incorrect format won’t be uploaded.

Max 2 Entries


Templates can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Upload your entry HERE

Tee Party Illustration by Stephen Cheetham, logo by Tim Easley.

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