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Phil Robson, AKA Filfury, has found a unique way of turning sports trainers into works of art.

Using the aesthetics, materials and multiple colours of classic trainers from brands such as Nike and Adidas, Filfury takes popular and recognisable logos, and re-imagines them being made from the chosen shoes, creating beautiful illustrations that showcase the instantly recognisable materials, colours and logos of the classic trainers.

Not only has Filfury created well-known logos this way, he also collaborated directly with Adidas to produce images for the 2014 Brazil World Cup – the Adidas Battle Beetles.

filfury Adidas_2up_o_735

filfury adidas and beetle

n addition to this, Filfury has created more amazing illustrations, like insects, skulls (human and animal!), sea creatures, organs, and also guns which all add to the eccentric selection of trainer-inspired artwork.

filfury ram

Over the last few years, Filfury has taken inspiration from even more items, such as watches and electrical goods – all just as beautifully crafted as the trainers, below is his AK 40 – Heaven.


You can check out more of Filfury/ Phil Robson’s work HERE.

Let us know what your favourite pieces are in the comments!

If you like what you see, I also recommend checking out Brian Jungen for similar work, though he takes the actual items and turns them into art to create physical pieces which have been exhibited all over the World.

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NOTE: All pictures and information courtesy of Phil Robson

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