Spring: Open Season Brief

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Hello guys! Our next competition is here! Would you like to become a contributor?

We’re obsessed with visual culture and love having the best creatives on board so we can show them off to the world.

Our collective is unique. We work with a host of amazing artists, producing their work in various guises. The brand aims to make artwork amenable. Each artist gets a percentage from every sale we make and we actively promote them through our social media.

Ohh Deer products are now stocked in places like Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Tate galleries, The Millennium Gallery, Scribbler, The Design Museum, Turner Contemporary, Somerset House and lots more.

We aim to help you as a creative, and to prove that your work appeals to our customers, we want to make your work available in several forms – so we can get a sense of the range you might have in our shop. You will receive 20% of the profit from each of your sales throughout the competition period. All royalty payments will be made at the end of this period.

We want you to upload designs for Phone cases, Art Prints and Stretched Canvases. You are allowed to have 3 designs per product type (these designs don’t have to be consistent across the products – so you could potentially have 9 designs overall). We want to see a range – it’s one of the things we judge immediately when assessing a potential contributor.

We take the sales of your products into account, but we will pick artists who we feel fit the brand best. If you’ve entered previous competitions, you’ll notice some differences, we’ve made the upload process far easier and most importantly you’ll be able to monitor the sales of your work.

The Details:
Copyright: You retain all rights of the work submitted. We will use everything unexclusively.
The competition will end on the 5th July.
There will be 3 winners, who will become fully fledged contributors.
You will be able to upload artwork immediately, but the competition shop won’t open until a later date.
People can continue to upload artwork after the shop has opened.
You have a limit of 3 designs per product type. (9 Designs in total).
Instructions on how your artwork will need to be prepared is within the uploader.
Competition artwork by Melissa Castrillon

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