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imperial cat

If you were expecting to see papery people in this gallery of crafty delights – the title is a bit misleading, I’ll give you that – you’re going to be a little disappointed. Cats are way better anyway sooo, hopefully that’s not an issue.

‘People too’ are actually a creative duo, Aleksey Lyapunov and Lena Erlikh, that spend their time creating and promoting paper cuts all the way from Russia. From their bio: 

Lena was born on the Lena River, and has been drawing in her sleep since graduating from Art Academy.  Aleksey found his creativity in more of a roundabout way, having worked as a locksmith and a programmer before becoming a designer and finally discovering his love of art using paper cut techniques.

The duo have had much success with international clients – Billboard Magazine, Ogilvy and Mather and the Harvard business review to name but a few – however, these adorable paper pet portraits are a popular personal project from the summer of this year. 

Enjoy them in all their glory below and make sure to check out the pair online (default language for the website is Russian).


Take these guys.


A bit of this and that…and VOILA.







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All photos copyright: PeopleToo 

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