Snail Graffiti

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Snails might be slow, but they carry their house with them wherever they go, and that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, their study apartments are no match for a careless trainer or a loafer in a rush, and a little snail having an adventure is at risk of being squashed.

There are always people out there willing to look out for the little guy, and well-meaning artists have started painting snail shells with non-toxic paint to make them more visible. As well as to show off their awesome art skills!

A lick of paint on a snail’s shell acts a little like a hi-vis vest, helping people spot these cuties when they’re out and about. As an added bonus, in the animal kingdom, colour tends to mean danger, so it’s possible that their foes will avoid these delicacies because of their newfound fashion sense.

They might be the arch nemesis of gardeners everywhere, but snails are dandy in our book, and these illustration-minded garden-dwellers are particularly fetching.




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