Show Us Your Cards – Competition Winners

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A big thank you to all of those of you who took part in the competition, you made it a great! So much so that where we were originally going to pick one winner, we decided to pick 12! There were some stand out designs that we thought would be a shame not to include within our collection in some form, so instead of doing fully fledged ranges with some people, we’re going to take a single design and see how they go in our shop. Two of the winners will start with a range of 4 and then we’ll build those out from there if they’re successful!

If you’ve won, then woooo! We’ll be in touch next week to discuss what happens next.

We’d like to add the following designs to our range as singular cards:

Elena from The Envelope




Emma Haywood Curzon

  A6 (2)


Chris Dickason



A6 (3)



Lydia Coventry

A7 (2)



Jane Eccles

A7 (5)


Tess Smith-Roberts

A7 (8)


Carl Burness

A7 (10)



Aless Baylis

A7 (12)    


Rachael Powick



Krysia Ellis



We’d like to start with a range of 4 card designs with these artists, so we’ll need to fill in the gaps to make it up to that quantity with new designs!

Georgie Carr

A7 (15) A7 (14) A7 (13) - Copy


Will Ainley


A6 (1) - Copy A6 (1)

I hope you all enjoyed taking part as much as we enjoyed seeing your work, and I hope you all decide to take part in one of future competitions – there will be 2 more this year.

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