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Thankyou for your patience, we’ve been running around like headless chickens the last few weeks and have only just found the time to sit down and give everyone who was in our shortlist a good once over. We’ve decided to pick two winners this time and they stood our for different reasons and we can see different potential in both of them. One we can imagine a great homeware and stationery collection and the other we imagine to suit more clothing and the greeting cards.

We’ll be emailing the winners shortly after publishing this to begin piecing together what will become their collection with the brand. We’ll also be announcing their arrival through both our regular and wholesale newsletters. So our customers can get excited for their impending range.

Thank you very much to all of you who entered and all payments for sold garments will be made this week.

How payments are calculated:

As per the competition rules, we’re paying 20% of any profit made on final sales.  This is how we calculate the final profit:

Final Sale Price

the cost of VAT (20%) where applicable

any in-cart discounts where applicable

the cost of the garment and printing

any shipping costs where free delivery formed part of the order where applicable

= final profit

Please note: Any refunds that have been made may not show on your final sales report when logged into the website.

All of our clothing is made especially for us in the UK – this does unfortunately make the cost of the garment higher than a standard bulk brought garment from an established manufacturer.  The printing costs are also slightly higher due to the ‘one-off’ printing method.





We hope the experience was a fun one, and that you’ll join us again for our future competitions!

The Ohh Deer Team

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