Sculpting a memory – fabric masterpieces by DO HO SUH

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Korean artist and sculptor Do Ho Suh displays a deft hand at manipulating textile to create amazing  X ray sculptures of every day objects and the houses they inhabit.



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After moving to New York in his late 20’s, Do Ho Suh now splits himself a little more globally. Originally a study of the oriental school of painting he’s now residing and working in London, New York and Seoul. With such a global lifestyle it’s not a surprise that the Suh is interested in the notions of home, memory and feelings of identity. Suh has focused on the everyday objects from his past abodes, believing even the simplest of objects can become a part of informing our identity and our feelings of home. Displacement or relocation often means leaving familiar things behind. Suh combines clever construction choices and inventive lighting to bring our focus to the transience of the objects in question, now merely a memory. Blue bathtubs, blue breakers and red radiators act as great silk schematics, linking Suh to the memories of his past apartment in New York. 


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Exhibiting all over the world, you may have seen Suh’s work before (His Staircase III exhibited in the Tate in 2010). Whether you knew about him or not, check out the rest of Suh’s work over at Lehman aupin for more great work from Suh and his contemporaries.

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