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Cassette tapes were part of the fabric of a 90s childhood. The laborious but satisfying task of switching over a tape when it reached the end of the A side, and the bulk of the weight of a Walkman in your pocket were intrinsic to the experience of listening to music.

But with the invention of the smart phone, and mp3 devices, this humble little tape is pretty much obsolete now, seemingly only found in dated car stereos.

French Artist Benoit Jammes has given the tape a new lick of paint in his series [o-o]. These sculptures use brightly coloured tapes as part of the piece, sometimes cut into shapes and sometimes brought to life by a deftly arranged background of paper, objects and even food.

From a Christmas tree to a burger, and even the likes of Pacman and Homer Simpson, these amazing tape sculptures will make you nostalgic for the era of the cassette.

RIP cassette tape. You’ll always be in our hearts.

You can see more work by Benoit here:


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