Review: Sheffield Antiques Quarter

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Tucked away to the south of Sheffield city centre is a vibrant collection of unique businesses which have come to be known collectively as ‘The Antiques Quarter’. As demand for unique gifts, quirky designs and original furniture continues to rise, Sheffield‘s Antiques Quarter has become a thriving section of The Steel City which is gaining popularity by the day.

My visit took place on a spring Sunday and after hearing great things about the area, I was keen to start exploring. There’s such a wide variety of shops that it’s tough to know where to start, with everything from collectables, vintage clothing, reclaimed furniture and even military memorabilia available. The area boasts an impressive selection, with six antiques centres, and more than twenty independent shops, meaning that I could have, quite literally, been there all day. I started with the Antiques Emporium on Clyde Road, and was immediately swallowed by an Aladdin’s cave of treasures.

I spent a few minutes with my nose pressed up against the glass doors of several cabinets containing jewellery, the beautiful semi-precious stones twinkled at me temptingly. Next I rummaged in a box full of vintage lace, choosing a few pieces that I decided I could incorporate into a craft project of some sort. I then realised that I couldn’t possibly leave without a gorgeous little floral tea cup and matching saucer, a bargain at £2.50. As I ventured upstairs the smell of toasted teacakes and fresh coffee reached my nostrils, so I succumbed and sat down at one of the quaint little tables in As Thyme Goes By, the Emporium’s resident cafe.

It was here that I got chatting to an Antiques Quarter regular who couldn’t help but tell me how much she loves the place. My new found friend Amber Savage, who incidentally owns the Sheffield-based, independent vintage fashion retailer ‘Vulgar’ said:

“There are so many creative independents in Sheffield that need to be showcased and the Antiques Quarter is the perfect place to do it. It’s a great place for sourcing unusual objects you wouldn’t find on the high street, there are some brilliant places hidden away down back streets for finding salvaged furniture and fun, kitschy design pieces.”

As I headed out into the sunshine I realised that, along with Amber, I’m quite taken with the place. The thought of spending the afternoon exploring and rummaging through long forgotten treasures filled me with excitement.

If you fancy a wander around Sheffield’s Antiques Quarter, the area encompasses Abbeydale Road, Broadfield Road and Queens Road. And as you may have gathered, it’s well worth a visit!

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