Review of A Letter For Bear by David Lucas

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Christmas might be over, but there’s no reason that you can’t keep a little festive spirit alive all year around.

Written and illustrated by David Lucas, ‘A Letter For Bear’ is one of the most adorable Christmas tales you will ever read!

The main factor in the books adorability is its main character, a bear named Bear (of course!) who works as a postman. The only thing on Bear’s Christmas list this year is the wish of receiving some post. After realising that he has probably never received a card because he’s never sent one, Bear seeks to right this wrong by sending out invites to his very own Christmas party. What follows, is a festive-fun-filled tale which will warm even the frostiest of hearts.

It is not only the loveable Bear who will keep children entertained. The book’s winter wonderland setting and pattern-bordered pages will mesmerise kids and adults alike. The soft contemporary colour scheme of oranges, pinks and blues also creates a welcome break from traditional Christmas colours. Bear’s tale also involves a cast of colourful characters illustrated to resemble soft toys which raises their level of cuteness even further. Their cuddly toy aesthetic also makes it the perfect story to reenact with a few of the child’s favourite teddies. Overall, David Lucas ‘A Letter For Bear’ is a modern day classic which is bound to become a welcome part of your annual Christmas traditions! 

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