Review of Ella Bailey’s No Such Thing

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Ella Bailey’s No Such Thing will be released this October, just in time for Halloween,

Join Georgia on a journey around her home, debunking the spookiest of ghoulish and ghostly activities.

“One cool day in October, Georgia noticed something weird. Now, some people may have wondered (especially at this time of year), if this was the work of something spooky? But not clever Georgia here! She has all the explanations and not a single fear!”

But is there in fact something spooky going on in Georgia’s home? The book’s final page invites children to look through the book once more and see if they can spot what Georgia didn’t. This spooky search transforms the story into an activity book which will keep kids amused for twice as long as a regular read. And adults are bound to want another flick through this charmingly book too to get another glimpse of the illustrations.

The story is illustrated with a perfect mix of loose lines and textural shading on top of clean shapes. It boasts a contemporary colour palette of pinks, oranges, blues and yellows, which gives a modern feel, and the use of white throughout the book’s pages makes them the perfect place for a mischievous ghost to hide without being seen.

Illustrator and writer Ella Bailey provides both the book’s poetic text and beautiful imagery. A recent graduate of Falmouth University, Ella loves to create character-based illustrations for children’s stories, and uses a playful illustration style to bring her characters to life.

Charged with imagination, this story is sure to engage children and get them excited for Halloween!

You can see more of Ella‘s work on her website and buy greeting cards bearing her designs from our shop HERE.

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