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Tiffany Beucher (5)

Tiffany Beucher is a French-born Graphic Designer and Illustrator, currently living and working in England. You might spot her meandering through the streets of London wearing a yellow raincoat with coloured pencils in tow. Her bright and bold characters and compositions have delighted clients from all over the world. Tiffany loves ‘the oil pastel effect’ but prefers to use coloured pencils to avoid getting dirty fingers. She loves children’s books and has a vast collection of them stored at home. She often strolls into a bookshop and makes a beeline for the children’s book area to search for new ideas. She works as a freelance Illustrator for Lait Fraise Magazine and the new magazine for YCN members. She has many more projects on the go including acting as Graphic Director for Paulette Magazine.

Tiffany is new to the Ohh Deer clan and we sell a whole caboodle of her products on our site here. Whether you’re looking for something tropical for your phone or just feel like a prancing unicorn would brighten up your bedroom, Tiffany is your gal. You can see more of her amazing illustrations by checking out her portfolio site www.cargocollective.com/tiffanybeucher.

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