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Sophie Alda is an artist, illustrator, painter and prop-maker based in East London. Sophie studied at the Chelsea School of Art and Brighton University. Since graduating in 2009, she has been part of a whole host of arty projects, and her work has appeared internationally in exhibitions and print. Sophie‘s a team-player too and has made colourful, contrasting collaborative pieces with pals Matt Swan and Joe Wood. With everything from window displays to t-shirt designs under her belt, this multi-skilled artist really does has an impressive selection of talents at her disposal. She spends her time: painting fancy ceilings and buildings, sewing big floppy stuff, making things out of wood and papier-mâché, and creating films and GIFs in which humanity wilts and withers away.

Sophie‘s work is all about implied and explicit narrative, usually made using gouache on paper. She works on a fairly small scale, but in great detail.  Sophie explores the subjectivity of both ordinary and extraordinary experience in her work. With myths and folktales woven together in her art to form beautiful, mismatched, lumpy characters, her pieces have a grotesque charm. Pastel shades add to the dreamworld feel, and her illustrations have storytelling and narrative at their heart. Imperfect, highly imaginative, fragmented; her weird and wonderful creations are both striking and memorable.

You can buy her wonderful 20 page zine Demispluge on our website.

You can also see more of her work over on her site www.sophiealda.co.uk.

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