Portfolio: David Olenick

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New York Illustrator and Designer David Olenick tells visual jokes in a minimalist style. His ingenious, fractured renderings give voice to animals and objects alike, reflecting human nature in embarrassingly relatable ways. Olenick comes up with most of his ideas in bars, with the help of a drink or two. He also likes to haunt the city’s museums, and is known to go around telling people that simple designs are actually the hardest kind to create. You can find his punny, poignant and profane designs in the creative communities of Threadless and Society6He’s also giving away free LOLs on Tumblr at davidolenick.com. 

Olenick is an Ohh Deer regular and you can buy a whole bunch of his products from our online shop, including his Coffee Talk Cushion, You Red My Mind Greeting Card and Purrfectly Honest Print. Whether it’s through a chilly penguin speaking his mind, an ice cream tub tempting you to have a bite, or a dino with a lot of love to give, his illustrations will almost undoubtedly win your heart one witticism at a time.

We took a quick peek through his portfolio to see more of his simple but bold work.

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