Polly Lindsay – Papercraft

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Polly Lindsay, a design graduate from Falmouth University has a fascination for papercraft, and this post only goes to prove that. I’m fascinated by her fascination for papercraft… the layering, that’s the thing that caught my eye. There’s something very satisfying about a gradiented layer – this banana, very satisfying indeed, a layered heart, very satisfying, a layered butterfly, veerrryy satisfying.

The crisp colours and execution is all very satisfying, overall, I’m satisfied. It feels like some inner design-belly has been filled up by this banana, I don’t know what it is, but yum. I’m aware this review is a bit vaccuous, but there’s very little to be said about something executed so nicely, well done!

Bananana02_1000  mountain02_1200 mountain05_1200 mountain06_1200 theheart02_1200 theheart01_1200 veg02_o veg05_o veg07_o nm07_7_o NM01_1_o fly03_1000 fly01_1000 fly02_1000 ttweb3_o ttweb2_o ttweb1_o sun3_o

nocompsetup_o A1-final-2_o

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