Playing with Food

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Beth Galton

icecream - Beth Galton

Beth Galton is a studio photographer based in New York, focusing on still life and food photography for editorial, advertising and design. Her Cut Food series, which was created last year, has caught the eye of many people, including myself. The project came about when both Beth and her food stylist Charlotte Omnes were working on another food assignment, when after cutting a burrito in half and saw the shapes and results it created, they knew they had found something interesting to develop.

Beth and Charlotte set to work photographing various food and drink items, cutting cross sections into each of them to show what they looked like when split in half, but some were trickier than others to get that perfect shot. A few items needed a little help, the soup for example was solidified with gelatine so they could take that wonderful shot of how the ingredients are distributed within the tin. 

I think you’ll agree that the hard work that went into creating these great photos certainly paid off. They’re wonderfully detailed, perfectly imagined and offers a great insight into what your food looks when cut perfectly in half.

Further work from Beth can be seen here





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