The pillow fight winner is…

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We’ve picked Maja Wrońska to be our next contributor.

As you’ll be aware, Ohh Deer is all about contemporary illustration – we like to add people to the brand who’re practising in a different way to everyone else we work with, or looking at something differently. For that reason, Maja’s use of watercolour caught our eye. Her work is full of emotion and character which is difficult to ignore – reminiscent of architectural graphics from the 80’s but with a use of colour which is distinctly modern.

Congratulations to you all though! The submissions were great and we tried to showcase as much of it as we could on our social media and through newsletters. A massive pat on the back to you! We’ll host a new competition in a few months, so keep an eye out. We hope you enjoyed being involved as much as we loved seeing all of your work.

Please allow for up to 10 days for the sales to show up in your competition section (which can still be accessed here: They show up when the item has been shipped – commission will be paid after our returns period and we’ll send that via paypal (which you’ll need to accept to receive). You’ll receive, as outlined in the brief 20% of the profit from sales, not 20% of the sale price. There will be a breakdown in the paypal payment.

Hope you had a hoot!

Jamie and Mark

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