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Philippa Rice seems quiet, yet confident; extremely talented, without a huge ego. Her work is eclectic and ranges from comics, to graphic novels, to animation.

I met both Philippa and Luke Pearson during a book signing they did back in March, when I bought her latest book – Soppy. Soppy is a graphic novel, that brings to light the intimate, humorous and annoying moments within long-term relationships. Soppy is based on Philippa and Luke’s real life relationship, and it really strikes a cord with most people – so many times I hear people saying ‘We do that!’ or ‘that’s just like you!’ and it’s lovely to hear – Philippa has created a story that people can really relate to, and that is a difficult thing to do in a time of sparkly vampires and superheroes.





Soppy is most definitely one of my favourite graphic novels but that’s not all Philippa Rice has done amazingly well. Her collection of graphic novels and comics is vast, covering a huge range of subjects.



A lot of her comics and novels tell the story from a perspective that we don’t usually see, or even think about, and this is what makes it all so interesting – once you enter the World of Philippa Rice, you can’t leave, though I hardly think you would want to! 

Moving on from amazing illustrations on paper, Philippa also creates stop-go animations and has made books creating full stories using only the stills from her animations – everything is cut out of paper, drawn on and set up to create an individual and technically brilliant range of photos.



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As you can see, Philippa’s talents stretch far and wide and she has created some wonderful pieces of art and illustration. 

To find out more about Philippa, check out her website HERE or her Tumblr page, and also don’t forget Luke! You can find more on his individual work HERE

I hope you enjoy reading more on Philippa and Luke as much as I have!

Thanks for reading!




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