Petite Pottery – John Almeda

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John Almeda, the potter in question, used to believe that size mattered…well no more. After a jaunt in the bookshop and a quick bit of reading John was inspired to throw off the cliche art mentality that bigger is better, and thus somehow more valuable. He’s gone from regularly throwing humongous pieces of pottery to crafting beautiful, miniature works of art that would satisfy the curiosity of any micro-art enthusiast. 

Check out John’s craftsmanship below – ft. a few special guests (Mr. Tabasco et al.) to give you a sense of the truly tiny scale these pieces exist within. 

Turqoise pots





You can see more of John’s amazing work, along with an insight into his process on his website

P.S Here’s a video of John and his surgeon steady hands working their magic…whilst on a boat. 


(HT: ArtFido)

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