Pastel perfection – Luigi Visconti Photography

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HAV_Cardenas (1)

Luigi Visconti captures gorgeous colours in these stunning shots of facades and crossroads.  

Shot using analog and digital methods, Visconti’s stunning images can often take the better part of a day to shoot, and that’s not even taking into account the meticulous editing that follows.

Photographed over the course of several hours and composited later, the images capture the essence of the city in a way that single shots rarely can. I’ve included primarily his pictures of Cuba and Venice, the pastel and primary accents rife throughout the images speak of a warm and inviting atmosphere, whilst the crumbling facades and antiquated transport give you an insight into their rich history and culture.

 HAV_La GuaridaHAV_Neptuno HAV_Neptuno RainHAV_SanLazaroHAV_Escobar HAV_Gervasio


I can’t resist this shot taken from  the top of the ‘Hotel Deauville’. Again, mainly for the gorgeous colour spattered throughout… the 4 colour combo in the foreground is particularly pleasing. 

HAV_Hotel Deauville

As stated, these are just a few of my favourite shots ( I love those 50’s cars). You can check out Visconti’s entire catalogue of work online, HERE or you can find his work in person by checking his latest worldwide exhibits. 

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