Paper Creatures

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Argentina-based collective Estudio Guardabosques has created a menagerie of folded paper creatures.

From a hare to a fox, these geometric paper sculptures use folds and different coloured paper to created simple, minimalist works of art. These intricate works are especially striking because of their sense of movement, and from a tiger caught mid-roar to a fox preserved half-stride, these paper sculptures, photographed against bold contrasting backgrounds for effect, really give the sense that the animals are alive. These wonderful cubic creatures are the perfect example of how a simple art can be used to full effect. 

With a pinch of The Jungle Book, a dash of Farthing Wood, and a sprinkle of The Bear & The Hare, these eyeless polygonal creatures are incredibly detailed, right down to their incisors. 

Estudio Guardabosques are particularly talented with paper and from birds to elaborate sets, they look to be determined to recreated everything and anything in geometric paper glory. Back in August they even made life size mammals for a launch of their exhibition. Run by Carolina and Juan, a duo from Buenos Aires, Estudio has a particular focus on creating paper art on the theme of nature. 

You can see more work by Estudio Guardabosques on their Behance profile here:

If you love this project you should also check out Papewolf‘s amazing menagerie of creations too. 


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