Pantone Pairs

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We recently featured David Schwen’s kooky project Camelflage, which saw a toy camel painted to blend in with a series of backgrounds. That’s not the only project by Schwen which has caught our eye, and his Food Art Project, which shows a series of yummy dietary staples mounted on Pantone branded card and paired with their food soul mates, has also tickled our fancy.

We all know that cookies and cream are a match made in heaven, and I don’t think anyone would argue that salt and pepper are destined for each other. From ham and cheese to bacon and eggs, these design-led photos are remarkably visceral as well as showing how we associate certain foods with their yummy counterparts. This project has our tummy rumbling and our eyes drooling! 

We’ve come to know Pantone for their iconic white and black polaroid style colour swatches, and this project adds a little zest to this iconic design staple. With a penchant for design, branding and illustration, Schwen heads up Dschwen LLC in Minneapolis. You can see more of his work on his website HERE.

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