Origami Street Art

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This colourful, intricate paper street art clinging to the walls of Paris like ivy has a certain je ne sais quoi.

French artist Mademoiselle Maurice created these beautiful brightly coloured sprawling paper sculptures that make the plain grimy walls into open air art exhibits.

The designs are a refreshing change from traditional graffiti and both the colours and the folds have a natural feel to them, as though they are leaves fluttering in the wind. Shape is of huge importance, both to the individual creations, some of which look like roses, some cranes, and others just fallen leaves, and the designs experiment with patterns as well as bold shapes such as triangles and squares. 

With the backdrop of the Eiffel tower, these jaw dropping designs might wear with the rain, but their impact will stick. This is the kind of art that you could stand and look at for hours – the kind of art that you want more than anything to reach out and touch. 

This artist is incredibly versatile, working with a range of other materials in her works including lace and embroidery, and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.  

You can see more work by Maurice on her website www.mademoisellemaurice.com.


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