One Man’s Rubbish, Another Man’s Treasure

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Well known within the fashion industry for his passion and design skills, Gilles Cénazandotti creates striking sculptures of endangered species using the seemingly endless flow of plastic and rubbish washed up on the beaches near his home in a tiny village in Corsica.

croc gilles
































polar bear gilles

The sculptures are often pictured ‘in-situ’ to really emphasis how the animals are having to change and evolve, due to the ever changing climates and habitats.


Using the huge variety of waste materials that wash up on the beach, including flip-flops, shards of plastic, buoys and lots of rope and fishing nets, Gilles is able to create beautiful, colourful sculptures that depict species of animals that are being affected by the pollution we create, thus not only creating art, but also creating a paradox showing animals in these new, plastic skins, depicting armours of waste, yet at the same time signalling the struggle these species have defending themselves against the consumer-lead society that we live in, therefore opening minds and provoking reflection of the future of the planet, evolution, over-consumption and the destruction of species.

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With thanks to World of Interiors Magazine, Gilles Cénazandotti, and Google Image search.

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