One kids’ drawings revisited – Telmo Pieper

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“Digital painted Creatures and stuff based on my own childhood drawings. I designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now reincarnated them with digital painting” – Telmo Pieper

Telmo Pieper, one half of contemporary creative duo ‘TelmoMiel‘ (check out their amazing graffiti), revisited his childhood and built upon the basic bones of his childhood doodles… the results are either very cute or mildly terrifying, I can’t quite decide yet.

This is a really fun project and one, I think, that should be done by more people. Imaginations run wild when we’re children and we struggle to maintain the same amount of mental liberation as we continue getting older. Perhaps we should all just go and draw some really janky animals every once in a while and have a laugh at the results. Enjoy the gallery below and I hope you all have a reminisce (and the previously suggested good chuckle) about some of your precious early childhood artwork.   

To see more of Telmo’s work, check out his website, he really is an exceptionally talented artist and a master of modern media. It just goes to show where passion and practice can get you. 










I think I’ve decided which it is…it’s definitely terrifying. 


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