Once upon a Home

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Once upon a time in the woods at Salo, Finland, lived a handful of local residents.  Years passed by and all of those residents either passed away or moved away…

Then the local wildlife moved in and Kai Fagerström captured these stunning photographs in the abandoned dwellings.  These images were originally published for National Geographic’s book ‘Once Upon a Home’.  Kai has also won the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year twice (in 2010 and 2012).

Kai’s statement on his own website states: “What began as interest in nature photography and animals has been transformed into a melancholic peregrination into reflections on my own childhood and the ways in which I myself relate to nature”.


Squirrel (Sciurus vulgarius) Hide, Nikon D3s + 70-200/2.8 Salo, Finland Squirrel (Sciurus vulgarius) Hide, Nikon D3s + 58/1.2 Salo, Finland 05 20 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-1 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-2 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-3 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-4 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-5 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-6 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-7 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-8 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-9 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-11 abandoned-house-in-finland-overtaken-by-animals-kai-fagerstrom-12

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