Obstructed Architecture – Minty Sainsbury

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Freelance Artist, illustrator and Artist, Minty Sainsbury has been excelling at was she does since she started her education. With a string of awards ranging from outstanding academic achievement at Emmanuel College Cambridge to the RIBA East Region Prize (top overall architecture student in the East of England). 

It’d be an understatement to claim that Minty has a passion for architecture. In this series of obstructed architectural illustrations She gives us a tantalising tease of each of the buildings in question. She succeeds in sucking you in and successfully recreating the pre-revelation excitement (and a little frustration) we feel when visiting a beautiful landmark for the first time. Here, simple shapes frame detailed renderings creating great focus whilst acting as clothes on a figure…allowing St Paul’s Cathedral to flash a cheeky bit of ankle in the process.  

An interesting idea, executed brilliantly! Usual studies of such impressive buildings would seek to render a building in it’s entirety. Minty succeeds in relating all of these buildings to the setting within which they exist, giving us the truer perspective in the process. 

For more great art be sure to check out her portfolio and Instagram online.









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