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BANG! WALLOP! THWACK!* Everyone knows that in a true pillow fight only one person can emerge triumphant, covered in feathers and bouncing on the bed in victory. In our latest competition Pillow Fight Round II, which launched yesterday, a whole army of artists will battle it out with their best cushion designs for the top spot. With a space in the Ohh Deer collective up for grabs, this is a real prize worth tussling for if you’re a budding Illustrator or Designer. To find out more information and to enter your work head over to: You can submit work up until the 4th November and we’ll pick one lucky winner by the 11th of November.

Want to have your work in cushion form on sofas across the country? All you have to do to be in with a chance is enter your cushion design via our ONLINE ENTRY FORM. Each artist can submit three designs and we accept work of all different mediums so whether you’re an illustration warrior, typography wrestler, photography hero or a regular design champion, you could have a shot at taking home the prize. All entries are available to buy for a limited time only, so you should get buying too!

Designs must be submitted in either JPEG or PNG format, and artwork should be 45cm by 45cm and 350dpi. When you submit your design it becomes available un-exclusively for sale in the Ohh Deer competition shop. If someone orders your design during the comp it will be printed on a faux-suede cushion and posted to them. You will make 20% from each purchase of one of your designs during this period. Popularity of entries will be taken into consideration, but ultimately Ohh Deer is judge, jury and executioner in this arty pillow joust. 

Do you think your cushion design could be the fairest of them all? Put it into the ring and see! Pillow Fight Round II has it all: blood, guts, ink and even pencil shavings. You might remember the last Pillow Fight Competition, when artists from across the world went pencil to pencil and we crowned a new member of the collective to join our ranks. The winners of our last competition were Lorna Scobie, Tiffany Beucher and James Barker and we’ve been producing a whole host of products with them since they joined the clan. 

Just think, by submitting, you could potentially have your designs seen by our 80k-strong social media audience as well as making a bob or two. And if you’re lucky enough to make it into the collective, then it’s worth remembering that our products are stocked in a plethora of places from Topshop to Urban Outfitters.

We know better than anyone that truly great pillow fights are the stuff of legend. There’s no feeling quite like whacking someone in the face with a good old marshmallow-style cushion, or battling it out until everything in sight is covered with feathers. So, submitting your artwork might not feel quite as awesome as thwacking someone in the face with a goose-down head support, but it will feel pretty damn great. The age old saying, ‘he whom snoozes doth lose’ says it all, so make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity and upload your cushion designs now!

Everything you need to know about the Pillow Fight Round II competition can be found here Included images are some of the entries so far!

*Please note- we do not condone cushion violence

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