My Life on Sticky Notes

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Thinking outside the box is pretty important when it comes to creative stuff, and Erik Ravaglia has this down to a fine art. With a passion for the humble post-it note, he doodles face after face on the little yellow squares, to surprising results.

Always photographed in front of a background, the scenic backdrops give the doodles a little bit of extra relevance – often featuring the thing that got his creative juices flowing in the first place.  Having drawn more than 500 of the little illustrations to date, these quick ‘n’ quirky character drawings make for a pretty impressive portfolio.

From the face of a monster hiding in a Christmas tree to a geeky guy with braces photographed in front of the ripples of a swimming pool, it’s the sheer sense of imagination and variety that strikes you when you look at these tiny canvases.

You can see more post-its on the Sticky Heads website here:

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