Mr. Incredibeard

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One beard to rule them all! 

The San Francisco-based beard enthusiast known as Mr. Incredibeard has the most amazing face hair we’ve ever seen. Styled to perfection, his spectacular beard is more often than not, a work of art! Whether disguised as a Christmas tree or pretending to be a ramen noodle bowl, his amazing face friend is the beard you’ve always dreamed of!

With a little help from his wife, this hair hero, who is also sometimes known by his regular name Isaiah Webb, creates beard sculptures to make even the most squeaky clean shaven wish they’d ‘let it grow’! 

More than just an ordinary facial hair pioneer, he uses his beard superpower for the forces of good and the site sells beard grooming products and beard-related tees. The online shop helps to support charity World Vision, which provides clean water to children around the world. He posts a pic of a new stupendous beard design every alternate Monday.

On his website he comments, “show a man a beard, and he’ll be happy for a day; teach a man to grow a beard, and he’ll be happy for a lifetime”. 

You can see more of Mr. Incredibeard‘s glorious chin hair over on his Facebook Page, here:



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